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CBD and South East Light Rail

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  • Rating Type: Design
  • Location: NSW
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The CBD and South East Light Rail (CSELR) project is an innovation driven and sustainability focused project that aims to alleviate road congestion, create open space and promote a more sustainable commute. The alignment spans 12km and includes 19 stops, extending from Circular Quay to Moore Park via Central and on to Randwick and Kingsford. The inherent sustainability benefits of the project will be realised through diversion of trips to light rail from less sustainable or efficient modes (including buses and cars), and facilitating increased cycling, walking and other public transport use within the project corridor.

This project by has achieved an 'Excellent' Design v1.2 IS Rating.

The CBD and South-East Light Rail (CSELR) is being delivered by the ALTRAC Light Rail Partnership (ALR) with design and construction obligations in respect of the CSELR passed down to a design and construct joint venture (D&C JV) consisting of ACCIONA Infrastructure Australia Pty Ltd (Acciona) and Alstom Transport Australia Pty Limited (Alstom). The D&C JV are engaging with various other pre-qualified design and construction sub-contractors. The CSELR project consists of:

i.        the design, construction, manufacture, testing and commissioning of:

a.     the CSELR, which will be a new light rail system to service the Sydney CBD and south east Sydney running from Circular Quay to Central Station via George Street, and on to Kingsford and Randwick via Surry Hills and Moore Park. The CSELR must include Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs) (the manufacture of which is outside the scope of this rating), CSELR Stops, terminus facilities, interchanges and facilities for the maintenance and stabling of LRVs;

b.     public domain works, including a pedestrian zone in George Street from Hunter Street to Bathurst Street; and

c.     adjustments to existing public roads, footpaths and cycle ways, existing Utility Services and private properties that are affected by the construction of the CSELR.

ii.        the testing and commissioning of the CSELR





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