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Faulconbridge & Lapstone Station

Project Details

  • Rating Type: Design
  • Location: NSW
  • Stakeholders: Transport for New South Wales, GHD, Arenco, Sydney Trains / NSW Trains


The Lapstone and Faulconbridge station upgrades (the Project) were completed as part of the Transport Access Program (TAP), a NSW Government initiative to provide a better experience for public transport customers by delivering modern, safe and accessible infrastructure.  The upgrades have made these station precincts accessible to people with a disability, limited mobility, parents/carers with prams and customers with luggage.

Key features of the upgrades include:


  • Two new lifts to access the station platform and bus stop
  • New unisex ambulant toilet and a family accessible toilet
  • Upgrades to the pedestrian ramp connecting the commuter car park to the footbridge
  • Upgrades to the existing, accessible car spaces
  • Upgrades to the kiss and ride bay in the existing commuter car park
  • Upgrades to station pathways, stairs and platform
  • Additional CCTV, lighting and signage


  • A new lift connecting the footbridge to Platform 2
  • One new family accessible toilet, one new male ambulant toilet and one new female ambulant toilet
  • Upgrades to the accessible car spaces
  • Upgrades to the ramp from the commuter car park to the pedestrian footbridge
  • A new station entrance to Platform 1
  • Accessibility upgrades to the platform waiting room
  • Upgrades to station pathways, stairs and platforms
  • Upgrades to CCTV, lighting and signage

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