Lathams Road Upgrade Project - Design - ISCouncil

Lathams Road Upgrade Project – Design

Project Details

  • Project Owner: Major Road Projects Victoria
  • Rating Type: Design
  • Location: VIC
  • IS Project manager: Luke Sammut
  • Stakeholders: Hatch,Winslow Infrastructure


The Lathams Road Upgrade Project involved the duplication and widening of Lathams Road from two lanes to four lanes between Oliphant Way and Frankston-Dandenong Road, including a new bridge over the Mornington Peninsula Freeway and widening and tie-in to the EastLink entry and exit ramps to Oliphant Way. The length of carriageway upgraded is 2.5km.


The Lathams Road Upgrade Project delivered a commendable design rating score of 49.25 in a challenging brown-field environment, with notable carbon reductions through energy efficient construction processes and significant quantities of recycled materials in various applications. The Lathams Road Upgrade Project appreciates the support of MRPV, Edge Environment, Perspektiv, ISC, and its suppliers and subcontractors for their assistance in helping Winslow Infrastructure deliver its first ISC rating.

Key Highlights

- Successful trial and implementation of Polyrok concrete in an infrastructure setting

- 40% Portland Cement Reduction achieved across all concrete

- 100% re-use of topsoil and spoil achieved through the use of SoilFlo material tracking software

- 19% energy reduction through construction



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