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M1 Pacific Motorway Upgrade Palm Beach to Tugun

Project Details

  • Project Owner: Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads
  • Rating Type: Design
  • IS Project manager: Siddharth Bishnoi
  • Stakeholders: AECOM GHD Joint Venture,Seymour Whyte,Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads


Palm Beach to Tugun is Package 4 (out of a tot al of four Packages of works) within the overarching Varsity Lakes to Tugun Project that is undertaking an IS Prog ram rating. The Project is a road upgrade consisting of interchange upgrades and motor way widening including shared user paths.

Project Highlights

Energy and Carbon - Ene-1 

This project achieved a level 2.43 and a verified score of 8.94. This project achieved this using 3 renewable technologies. These include:  

  • Biofuel Consumption 
  • Wind Farm 
  • Solar Photovoltaic (PV) arrays 

Due to the use of these renewable technologies, it has allowed there to be an increase of 179369 GJ of renewable energy within the project. This will account for 36.8% of renewable energy which is to be used in the lifecycle of the project.  

Also, this has reduced Carbon emissions within the project. There is a 21.5% reduction from Base to Actual Case with Operations having 28% reductions with the use of new renewable energy technologies. 

Materials - Mat-1

This Project has achieved 2.54 level with a verified score of 6.23. This project has many initiatives which they have used to reduce the number of materials which are being used or the types so that it is able to reduce the carbon footprint. The reductions and initiatives include: 

  • A 21% reduction from Base Case to Actual Case.  
  • The initiative of using Driven piles instead of CFA piles benefits the project as there is now a reduction in the quantity of materials which are to be used. There is a reduction of 56% of materials used.  
  • The initiative of using Synthetic fibre-reinforce concrete paths instead of using steel reinforcement which has higher embodied energy.  
  • The Reuse of both drainage structures and light retaining poles.

Urban Landscape and Design  - Urb-1

The project achieved a level 3 score of 4.83 for this credit. Key initiatives that led to this score included:    

  • Engaged an Independent Design Review Panel (LAUDink landscape architects) to review and provide feedback on the overarching Strategy and package-specific plans  
  • Preparation of a VL2T Landscape and Urban Design Strategy (at the Program level to ensure consistency) and development of a package-specific Urban Design Plan (which responded to the overarching Strategy) 
  • Conducted internal reviews on urban and landscape design plans 

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