Madden and Pakenham St Road Upgrade - ISCouncil

Madden and Pakenham St Road Upgrade

Project Details

  • Rating Type: Design
  • Location: NZ
  • Stakeholders:

This project by Panuku Development Auckland achieved an 'Excellent' Design v1.0 IS Rating.


This project is located within Auckland’s newest waterfront area and urban community, Wynyard Quarter. The project includes a road upgrade of existing Madden Street and Pakenham Street West to support improved stormwater management, future development and street life.

"We registered this project to demonstrate via a 3rd party verified tool that Development Auckland is committed to meeting the environmental, social and cultural objectives of our Waterfront Plan and Sustainable Development Framework. The major benefit to our project through implementing the IS scheme is it will focus our work practices to deliver better auditing and reporting on a quadruple bottom line standing. It also allows us to communicate to the community that Development Auckland is committed to sustainability in the infrastructure we deliver and are happy to have this rated by an independent body."

- Ralph Webster, Design Manager, Development Auckland


  • Rating Type Road
  • Rating Score 57
  • Registered Date February 2014
  • Certification Date October 2015
  • Practical Completion October 2016
  • Jurisdiction New Zealand
  • States NZ
  • Suburb Auckland
  • Capital Value $13 Million
  • Other Stakeholders Downer

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