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Maidstone Tram Maintenance and Stabling Facility

Project Details

  • Project Owner: North Western Program Alliance (NWPA)
  • Rating Type: As Built
  • Registered Date: January 2023
  • Completion Date: September , 2025
  • Location: VIC
  • Stakeholders: Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP),Kellogg, Brown and Root (KBR),John Holland Group Pty Ltd (JHG),Kyriacou Architects (Architect), Tract (Landscape Architect)


The Alliance’s commitments to sustainability are embedded in project contracts, plans and policies, as we strive to achieve an ‘Excellent’ Infrastructure Sustainability rating. The rating tool provides an effective way to guide and measure sustainability on infrastructure projects, by assessing environmental, social, economic and governance aspects. (Taken from

The Maidstone Tram Maintenance and Stabling Facility (TMF) project is located within the municipality of Maribyrnong, approximately 10km north-west of the Melbourne Central Business District and is being delivered by the North Western Program Alliance (NWPA). The site is bounded by private residential homes to the north, west and part of the southern boundary, Williamson Road to the north, Hampstead Road to the east and the Maribyrnong Community Residential Facility to the south.
The completion of the Maidstone TMF project will provide infrastructure to ensure appropriate maintenance, stabling and housing for the new fleet of Next Generation Trams, enabling improvements to the local tram network. The base scope of the project includes:
• Tram maintenance facility
• Tram stabling
• Combined office amenities and car parking for Alston and Yarra Trams
• Site heritage permit activities including building demolition and/or adaptive reuse, provision of fencing and security of balance of site and assist DTP with developing a mothball scope of works for remaining buildings
• Utility services and Operational Control Systems
• 500m track extension and reconfiguration, road widening, traffic control, utilities to enable tram service access to TMF

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