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Transport Access Program 3 – Hawkesbury River and Warrawee Station Access Upgrades (TAP3)

Project Details

  • Project Owner: Transport for NSW
  • Rating Type: As Built
  • Location: NSW
  • Assessor Name: Sean Barry, Nicole Hansen
  • Stakeholders: Transport for New South Wales, Haslin


The Hawkesbury River and Warrawee Stations Upgrades are part of the third tranche of Transport for NSW’s Transport Access Program, known as TAP 3 and seeks to improve access to public transport for those with disability, those with limited mobility or parents with prams and customers with luggage (TAP 3 | Transport for NSW). Providing accessible transport services for everyone in the community, is one of the six priorities for Transport for NSW’s Future Transport Strategy.

Key benefits

Hawkesbury River

  • two new lifts to provide access to the station platforms;
  • a new accessible parking space and kiss and ride space;
  • a new accessible pathway and pedestrian crossing to the new accessible parking space;
  • a new family accessible toilet and two unisex ambulant toilets;
  • improvements to CCTV and lighting to increase safety and security. 

Warrawee Station

  • a new lift between the platform and existing footbridge;
  • a canopy from the new lift to the station building on the platform;
  • two new accessible parking spaces and a new kiss and ride space on Heydon Avenue;
  • four new kiss and ride spaces on Warrawee Avenue;
  • new accessible pathways through the station precinct;
  • a new family accessible toilet and unisex ambulant toilet;
  • a new bike shelter;
  • and improvements to CCTV and lighting to increase safety and security.

TAP3 projects strive to achieve maximum social, economic and environmental outcomes and value for money. The approach to embedding sustainability on the TAP 3 program is to look at the main activities of the program and identify sustainability opportunities and outcomes.

While the scope of the TAP 3 program will focus on upgrades to meet Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport (DSAPT) requirements, the upgrades may also facilitate the use of public transport by:

  • Enabling more people to transfer from using private vehicles to public transport by making stations more accessible;
  • Designing interchanges to enable people to access stations by sustainable and healthy modes such as walking and cycling and by bus;
  • Providing accessible parking at stations to enable trains to be used for most of the journey instead of driving the whole journey.

Project Details

  • Rating Type: Rail
  • Registered date: 21/11/2019
  • State: NSW
  • Suburbs: Hawkesbury River and Warrawee
  • Assessors: Sean Barry, Nicole Hansen
  • Other Key Stakeholders Transport for NSW, Haslin

To find out more information about this project, visit the Transport for NSW website:

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