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TfNSW Wahroonga, Narara and Lisarow Station Access Upgrades (TAP3)

Project Details

  • Project Owner: Haslin Constructions
  • Rating Type: As Built
  • Location: NSW
  • Rating Level: Excellent
  • Rating Score: 73
  • IS Project manager: Diego Uzzun
  • Stakeholders: Haslin Constructions,Transport for NSW (TfNSW) ,GHD ,Sydney Trains


The Transport Access Program (TAP) is a NSW Government initiative delivering safe, modern and accessible public transport infrastructure across the state, improving access to public transport for people with disability or limited mobility, and parents and carers with prams. This particular TAP 3 project scope includes the Wahroonga, Lisarow, and Narara train station upgrades. The Project constitutes a single submission/rating, encompassing multiple sites (3). 

Rating Highlights 

Category  Credits  Achievements/Risks 
Energy and Carbon  Ene-1  The project achieved a verified Level 3 with a score of 12.75 points for a 53% reduction in energy use 
People and Place  Urb-1  The project met full credit requirements and achieved a score of 5.67 points for Level 3 


Verified Innovations 

Name   Verification Date  Innovation Type   Description & Sustainability Benefits 
I-Supply  07/11/23  IC-8  Sustainable products and/ or services were listed in the ISupply directory and were implemented into the project 
V2.1 Rso-6 & 7   07/11/23  IC-1  The trailing of the material credit and calculator of Rating v2.1 
Ene-1  07/11/23          Improving on credit benchmarks  Some of the benefits included the use of overhangs, louvres, and natural ventilation to eliminate the need for Active Cooling systems. 
Urb-1  07/11/23    Improving on credit benchmarks  Meeting full credit requirements, including the utilisation of a Design Review Panel.  


Certification Date:   


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