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WestConnex Stage 3B – Rozelle Interchange Project

Project Details

  • Rating Type: Design
  • Location: NSW
  • Stakeholders: John Holland & CPB Contractors Joint Venture, WSP, Arcadis, Pells Sullivan Meynink, McMillen Jacob Associates, Hassell, Willow, Transport for New South Wales


The Rozelle Interchange is the final stage of WestConnex. It is a new underground motorway interchange which provides connectivity to the M4-M5 Link Tunnels and the City West Link, and an underground bypass of Victoria Road between Iron Cove Bridge and Anzac Bridge. The Rozelle Interchange also provides a connection to the future Western Harbour Tunnel.  

Rozelle Interchange is being delivered by John Holland and CPB Contractors (JHCPB) for Transport for NSW (TfNSW).   

The project scope includes the following:  

  • An underground interchange at Rozelle and associated infrastructure providing connections from the Main Tunnel Works infrastructure to the surface road network at City West Link, Victoria Road, Iron Cove and Anzac Bridge  
  • Provision for connections to the future Western Harbour Tunnel  
  • Provision of up to 10 hectares of new public open space located at the former site of the Rozelle Rail Yards.   

The Project aims to: 

  • Improve traffic conditions and reduce congestion on key arterial roads in proximity to the project 
  • Deliver beneficial urban design outcomes, including returning up to 10 hectares of parkland to the local community 
  • Provide new and upgraded pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure and connectivity between Annandale, Lilyfield and the Bays Precinct 
  • Enable long-term motorway network development by providing connections to the proposed future Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link project to the north 


Project Highlights

The Project team is proud to have implemented a number of sustainability initiatives and innovations during design and construction of the Rozelle Interchange, but none more so than the delivery of up to 10 hectares of parklands that will be opened to the community upon completion of the Project. 

Built on the former rail yards, the Rozelle Parklands will transform industrial land to the community for public use, creating an enduring legacy as the “green heart of the Inner West.” The project optimises land use and maximises opportunities for urban revitalisation along the alignment. The parklands will feature an integrated wetlands system, native trees, play areas and open space zones to cater to the needs of the entire community. 

In addition, the urban design and landscape treatment at Iron Cove will enhance the Victoria Road corridor and provide a series of small, connected pocket parks. 

JHCPB and TfNSW are pleased to have been able to achieve the following objectives: 

  • Consideration of the environment through optimal land use and exercising sound environmental renewal principles. This includes optimising the Project design to underground motorway operations facilities to maximise the footprint of the parklands open to the community. 
  • Creation of simple and inviting design solutions that build connectivity and enhance journeys for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers 
  • Place making – adding to local places, streets, structures, and landscapes with sensitivity to local heritage where applicable 
  • Memorable identity and safe experiences for road users and the community at large 
  • Setting a new benchmark for quality by delivering a world-class solution for road users, park users and commuters 

Highlight 1 - Materials and energy savings 

The Project is anticipating a reduction of 30% Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and 14% material usage savings against the base case, due to design refinements and implementing a vast range of sustainability opportunities to reduce the project’s operational footprint. 

Some of the key initiatives that contributed to the materials savings included usage of low carbon concrete, a high percentage of Supplementary Cementitious Material (SCM) and Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) in asphalt mixes, in addition to reuse of site won fill. 

Key energy-saving initiatives include the use of green power, LED lighting, optimisation of fan design and carbon offsetting. 

Low carbon concrete poured on the Rozelle Interchange site: 

Highlight 2

The Project is proud to have participated in a number of social initiatives, including: 

  • Over $43 million spent with Indigenous businesses and individuals to date (Dec 2021) 
  • Supporting local charities including the Harding Miller Foundation (contributing to the education of disadvantaged young women)  
  • Supporting the Balmain PCYC to provide programs for local youth. 
  • Supporting the local economy by using local businesses wherever possible, including to provide respite mitigations for impacted residents 
  • Running a christmas gift drive in 2020 to support children of parents in need 
  • Engaging apprentices and trainees to develop their skills and competencies, and to encourage at-risk students to stay in school by providing them with a vocational qualification. 
  • Presenting at local schools to encourage girls to pursue STEM studies in areas such as engineering, science and mathematics. 

Highlight 3 - Digital communications innovation 

The Project’s interactive communications portals, including the tunnel tool, construction portal and UDLP portal, have revolutionised community engagement. Developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the fully digitised portals provide enhanced accessibility and transparency for local residents, who have 24/7 access to detailed information on the project design and construction from their smartphone or computer. 

The Urban Design and Landscape Plan (UDLP) consultation, which was conducted online, demonstrated the huge potential for online platforms in community engagement. Pleasingly, the Project received more than a ten-fold increase in community feedback submissions compared to in-person consultation processes conducted on other WestConnex projects. 


  • Rating Type: Road 
  • Registered Date 
  • Certification Date  
  • Practical Completion: Late 2023  
  • State: NSW 
  • Suburb: Rozelle 
  • Capital Value: $3.9 billion 
  • Annual Operating Cost  
  • Assessor  
  • Other Key Stakeholders  


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