Queensland Working Group Event 25 August - ISCouncil
Queensland Working Group Event 25 August

Queensland Working Group Event 25 August

Monday, 4 September 2017

Queensland Working Group Event

The successful certification of Gateway Upgrade North (GUN) with an IS Excellent Design rating was showcased on 25th of August in so far, the biggest Queensland Networking Event attended by about 70 industry professionals. The event was organised by the Queensland Working Group and was hosted by Lendlease. GUN is the first major project in Queensland to achieve an IS Design certified rating and the first pilot for Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) to pursue an IS certification. The leadership that TMR and Lendlease have shown in pursing this rating for the first time has provided a catalyst for the Queensland market to drive for and achieve more sustainable outcomes through using the IS rating scheme. This also led to a commitment and mandate from TMR for a consistent use of the IS rating scheme for major projects.

Key stakeholder representatives were able to share stories of successes, challenges and lessons learnt in pursuit of the IS rating. The early engagement and effective communication processes in addressing community concerns have allowed to project to smoothly proceed while maintaining good relationships with all stakeholders. One of the highlights of the program was the presence of representatives from Turrbal Community who shared how the project team worked with them in identifying, considering and acknowledging intangible Aboriginal cultural heritage values in the whole project area. Through consultation and effective collaboration, the project has been able to embed design decisions to promote the heritage of the region.

At the end of the program, the establishment and objectives of the Queensland Working Group has been presented. The activities and outcomes of the working group align with ISCA’s overall mission; improving the productivity & liveability of industry & communities through sustainability in infrastructure. The working group also extended an invitation to anyone who would like to get involved.

Speakers of the event included:

  • Gerry van de Wal, Lendlease General Manager, Queensland, Engineering
  • Antony Sprigg, ISCA CEO
  • Amanda Yeates, TMR General Manager for Program and Delivery
  • Maroochy Barambah, Turrbal song/law woman
  • Ade Kukoyi, Turrbal Principal Advisor
  • Mark Sawatzki, Lendlease Sustainability Lead
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