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Resilience Coalition

Thursday, 16 March 2023

To accelerate systemic resilience so that infrastructure can enable thriving lifestyles, communities and nations, now and into the future.

There is an increased focus on resilience and adaptive capacity across society, economy and the built environment, particularly in the wake of early climate change impacts and COVID-19. It is becoming increasingly common for resilience planning to be undertaken at the asset and local government levels incorporating placed-base approaches and stakeholder involvement.

The challenge remains how we consider resilience and adaptive capacity in a systemic way – not only in consideration of additive and cascading risks and impacts; but also by embedding resilience through the supply chain; from investors, asset owners, users and suppliers.

Resilience in infrastructure is not just about protecting the built forms but ensuring that the service the asset provides will remain flexible, agile and resilient through the shocks and changes of the coming century:

  • Understanding, defining and measuring systems versus asset resilience.
  • Understanding the asset and associated levels of service required from infrastructure to enable communities to thrive (and not just survive) during the next century.
  • Aligning financial drivers (e.g. investment, insurance) to better reflect the risk, costs and opportunities associated with shocks and changes across the 21st Century.
  • Exploring the systemic considerations of additive and cascading risks and impacts which may impact and/or require adaption.
  • Exploring the “business model” of new and emerging types of infrastructure that provide a resilience service e.g. blue/ green infrastructure.


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