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Supply Chain Sustainability School chalks up 1,000 members

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Supply Chain Sustainability School chalks up 1,000 members

As the property and construction industry tackles an ever-expanding host of sustainability issues, Australia’s Supply Chain Sustainability School has chalked up its 1,000th member.

Launched in March 2015, the School was established to increase sustainability knowledge and competency along the construction and infrastructure supply chains, and has grown steadily since.

“In our fast-paced and dynamic industry, continuous improvement is an essential ingredient of a successful project – and a successful career,” says the School’s Chief Executive Officer, Robin Mellon. “We are excited to have passed the milestone of 1,000 members – each of whom is accessing free learning resources and attending our free events around the country.

“The School now has more than 300 free online resources to help people in our industry to skill up, stay relevant and gain insights into many of the hot button topics transforming the industry.”

In-demand topics include how to prepare for Australia’s incoming Modern Slavery Act and how the new IS020400 guidance standard will influence sustainable procurement.

“Our research has identified the industry’s main skills gaps are around social sustainability, energy, water, waste, materials and sustainable procurement. The School can help plug those gaps,” Mr Mellon adds.

The School is funded and supported by 14 partner organisations across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) is one of the Founding Partners. Romilly Madew, the GBCA’s Chief Executive Officer, says sustainability knowledge has evolved from “niche to essential” over the last decade.

“Sustainability’s remit is no longer restricted to environmental concerns, but now takes in a host of broader social and economic issues. For-purpose organisations like the GBCA and the Supply Chain Sustainability School are expanding our thinking and changing our built environment for the better,” Ms Madew says.

Antony Sprigg, Chief Executive Officer of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA), also a Founding Partner of the School, says: “The uptake of the IS rating system continues to accelerate rapidly. And as it does, the power of major procurement and sustainability initiatives on Australia’s major infrastructure projects are driving change across the entire industry. There’s never been a more important time to upskill.”

Michaela Toohey, Strategic Business Lead for water treatment specialists HydroChem, was the 1,000th person to join the School.

“Continuous learning is really important to my career, but I don’t always have time to attend face-to-face workshops. Free access to the School’s online resources is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of the issues impacting my business, while I get on with my day-to-day challenges,” Ms Toohey says.

“I am able to share information easily with my colleagues, and since HydroChem already has a strong commitment to sustainability, the resources help us continue to improve our own operations. Carly Sorensen, the EHS lead at HydroChem, has found the School helps us share emerging topics and best practice examples with both our team and our suppliers.”

A recent survey of members of the School found 52 per cent of respondents believe sustainability is a more important issue in their businesses than it was 12 months ago, and 49 per cent are engaging their suppliers earlier. Furthermore, 79 per cent of businesses have a sustainability plan or program in place.

“Now is the time to register with the School, boost your skills and your employability in the industry,” Mr Mellon concludes.


About the Supply Chain Sustainability School

Australia’s Supply Chain Sustainability School was established in 2015 to increase sustainability knowledge and competency along the construction and infrastructure supply chains. With an emphasis on supporting small-to-medium enterprises, the School provides free e-learning, information and face-to-face training for construction and infrastructure suppliers, contractors and service providers. Companies signing up can access a wealth of free resources and tools to meet increasing sustainability demands and performance benchmarks, and to help build clever, collaborative and competitive construction and infrastructure sectors:


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