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Thursday, 13 September 2018

Sustainability Knowledge Sharing Session Kicks Off

Last Wednesday the very first rail sustainability Knowledge Sharing Session took place at Melbourne Metro’s 700 Collins Street head office. 

The meeting brought together sustainability experts from Metro, PTV, LXRA, RPV and their respective projects for a two hour discussion about sharing key learnings from across the sustainability sector.

The inaugural ISCA meeting was a vital opportunity to align on common goals and issues across all the parties involved, said Metro’s Sustainability Improvement Lead, Audra Liubinas.

“Sharing sustainability learnings between projects and the operator is important to ensure we maximise the benefits of our collective efforts to improve the sustainability of the city’s railway” she said.

The group recognised that they will need to work together to maximise the benefit to the community that can be achieved through sustainable design, construction and operation of rail assets.

Key focus areas identified during the meeting included reducing energy and water consumption of delivered assets, increasing sustainability of materials used in construction, improving project handover information and increasing the sustainability focus of Metro’s standards.

It also highlighted how the LXRA has already saved more than 84,000 tonnes of carbon across their projects, since implementing sustainability ratings.

Metro’s LXRP Environment and Sustainability Manager, Christian Beasley believes that although this session was a good start, it’s important that it happens on a regular basis. To this end the next meeting has already been scheduled and will take place in six months’ time.

“We have a government and clients pushing for a more sustainable network. Metro as the operator and project partner has a great opportunity and responsibility to assist with this” Christian said.

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