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Three new member coalitions to bring together the industry in our response to climate change challenges facing Infrastructure

Tuesday, 17 January 2023

The ISC has launched three new coalitions bringing together the best and brightest minds to address the important issues facing our industry at this time.

Each coalition will work over a three-year period to define the issue, design practical and dynamic solutions, and deploy a toolkit for implementation. These coalitions will create a lasting legacy on the industry and showcase your contribution towards the global sustainability climate change goals.

Why should you be involved?

ISC Member Coalitions provide an opportunity for your organisation to be a part of the solution to some of the biggest challenges facing the Industry in regards to climate change. Not only do you have a seat at the table to shape and deliver tangible actions but the coalitions create business opportunities.


  • Being a part of a coalition provides evidence of your organisation working towards ESG goals.


  • Joining a coalition show your stakeholders and shareholder that you are committed to addressing climate change and are being proactive in your approach.
  • Stakeholders are interested how your organisation is a good corporate citizen – showing them your are actively addressing issues.

Competitor Advantage

  • Coalitions position your organisation with a strategic insight and plan to address issues that are presenting themselves against industry.
  • Allow network and collaboration with other industry leaders.
  • Provides opportunities to learn and influence others.

Corporate positioning

  • Provides development opportunities for staff and emerging leaders within your organisation.
  • Provides promotional opportunities and positive positioning in the industry.
  • Provides knowledge-sharing and capability building for organisation and staff.

To help support each committee and the member organisations the ISC will commit to delivering promotion and positioning benefits. Including roundtables, social media and conference deep-dive sessions.

Coalition Focus

Each coalition will focus on a key issue the industry is facing. These are some of the biggest and most important issues of our time. The three new member coalitions are: Climate Action, Resilience, and Circular Economy.

Climate Action: To accelerate climate action in every town, city and region through a place-based approach.

Resilience: To accelerate systemic resilience so that infrastructure can enable thriving lifestyles, communities and nations.

Circular Economy: To accelerate the transition to circular business models and economies in infrastrucure.


Find out more

To learn more about the ISC Member Coalitions and join today visit the website or email to arrange an information session.

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