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Thriving Nations Report

Monday, 30 May 2022

From the moment we wake to the moment we go to sleep, what we do and how we do it, is enabled by our infrastructure.

It is crystal clear, this century is one of change – for our lifestyles, our communities, our economies and our environment. Whether it is climate change, addressing inequality or riding the wave of the technology disruption, we will no longer be able to take our way of life for granted or ask the planet and people to bear the cost of doing things the same way that we always have. Delivery of a positive future for people, planet and the economy will not happen by accident. It is only possible through proactive, coordinated and collaborative action by people, for people. Infrastructure is going to be instrumental in building resilience and helping us drive and reinforce positive change. The infrastructure we plan, build and operate today will be the difference between surviving and thriving; now and for generations to come.

This challenge needs to seen, and seized by a world-class infrastructure sector. We have crossed the chasm, and sustainability is no longer peripheral and localised; now it is becoming democratised and globalised. It is becoming competitive advantage, core business, and unlocking new markets. Sustainability, ESG, is yet to fully unleash as a catalyst for market transformation. As this happens, our sector will find its purpose; enabling people, places and planet to thrive.

How? By delivering infrastructure for people, by people. Together with our partners Urbis, we’ve explored the relationship between world class infrastructure and thriving nations, and mapped new opportunities that deliver investment returns for all beneficiaries, ecosystems, communities and economies. It will take foresight and increased interconnection; and a sectoral culture that is underpinned by action that is resourceful, resilient and responsible. Together let’s create a legacy our people are proud of.

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