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Thumbs up – IS V1.2 conversions

Monday, 18 July 2016

Thumbs up – IS V1.2 conversions

Since the release of IS version 1.2 in May 2016, industry has provided an early indication that the improvements meet the changing needs of Australian and New Zealand infrastructure.

In the last 11 weeks, there has been considered activity about taking the risk-based approach to directing sustainability effort, with less than a handful of projects yet to decide on whether to convert from ISv1.1 to IS v1.2. With the option available to all IS v1.1 registered ratings, 47% have completed the transition. Those projects choosing not to convert were well progressed and a few weeks away from verification.

‘The weighting assessment is a good way to be rewarded for addressing the highest risk aspects of the project through the rating scheme and it is a fairly straightforward and intuitive process.’

Peter Monsted, Environment Manager, Westconnex M4 Widening

‘Version 1.2 is aimed at rewarding project efforts however small they seem across innovation, and materials, water and energy reductions. It’s great to have a tailored rating system, that rewards project efforts in their high risk areas, complementing how projects are managed. All positive moves for the IS rating tool.’

Rebecca Hendy, Senior Sustainability Advisor / Environmental Certification Lead,
Level Crossing Removal Project – Furlong Main Blackburn Heatherdale

The decision point for conversion is recorded through written confirmation of the intent to convert, as well as the submission of the IS Weightings Assessment for verification. It is not possible to revert to IS v1.1 after this point. All IS Design and As Built registrations after 4 May 2016 are proceeding with IS v1.2.
If you are yet to reach the decision point, get in touch with your Case Manager to determine how to go about making this informed decision.

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