Wynyard Walk has been certified with a ‘Commended’ IS Design rating - ISCouncil

Wynyard Walk has been certified with a ‘Commended’ IS Design rating

Monday, 31 August 2015

Wynyard Walk has been certified with a ‘Commended’ IS Design rating

The Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) has awarded its ninth Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) rating to Thiess who are delivering the Wynyard Walk project on behalf of Transport for NSW.

Wynyard Walk, a new pedestrian walkway connecting the CBD with the Barangaroo precinct, was certified with a ‘Commended’ IS Design rating to recognise the adoption of sustainability practices.

ISCA CEO Antony Sprigg says ISCA aims to recognise and encourage beyond business-as-usual sustainability activities in the planning, construction and operational phases of infrastructure projects.

“We congratulate the Wynyard Walk team for applying the IS rating scheme during the design of this project and their commitment to continue applying the IS rating scheme through construction.

“Their early adoption of sustainability practices and focus on implementing best practice solutions allowed the project to achieve a ‘Commended’ level IS Design rating.”

The assessment process highlighted three areas where the Wynyard Walk team best demonstrated sustainable practices including Management and Governance, Procurement and Climate Change. This includes efficiency in management systems, sustainability reporting, procurement, climate change adaptation, risk assessment, baseline studies, modelling actual data, performance in resource use and environmental and heritage impact assessments.

Thiess is building on a range of design and construction- related environmental, stakeholder, community and engineering requirements nominated by Transport for NSW to achieve productivity efficiencies and minimise risks.

These include minimising waste, reducing community impacts during construction, enhancing the user’s experience, optimising energy efficiencies and improving sustainability outcomes for the project.

Thiess Project Director Nicholas Kouvaris said while there is much more work to be done, the IS Design rating certification marks an important milestone for the project.

“Thiess is an active supporter of ISCA and the commitment displayed by all those involved in achieving this rating is a credit to the project team and Transport for NSW.”

“This sustainability focus will ensure we deliver a lasting legacy for the people of Sydney.”

Thiess has also registered Wynyard Walk for an IS As Built rating. Wynyard Walk is expected to be completed and opened in 2016.

ISCA CEO Antony Sprigg awarding the "Commended" IS Design rating to the Wynyard Walk project team on Friday 28 August 2015. Pictured (L-R): Rick Walters (Technical Director, ISCA), Stephanie Barlow (Sustainability & Environment Officer, Thiess), Antony Sprigg (CEO, ISCA) and Nicholas Kouvaris (Project Director, Thiess)