2022 Impact Report - ISCouncil

2022 Impact Report

Friday, 25 November 2022

In this report, the Council outlines our four Strategic Goals: Leadership, Thriving Industry, Market Transformation and Organisational Health, supporting an industry to deliver best practice, long-term outcomes that support all beneficiaries, and deliver on the quadruple bottom line.

Our four main goals are all designed to drive our purpose – To ensure all infrastructure delivers social, cultural, environmental and economic benefits:

  • LEADERSHIP – drive global best practice through sustainability.
  • THRIVING INDUSTRY – enable connection, collaboration and ambition.
  • MARKET TRANSFORMATION – advocate for change that supports rapid transition.
  • HEALTHY ORGANISATION – ensure that we are purpose led, inclusive, and high-performing.

Our Areas of Influence

Working across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand we are a member-based, purpose-led organisation. We measure what matters.

Every day we strive to achieve a positive future for people, planet, prosperity and industry. These four key areas direct our focus to build on our vision.

Planet – Working to drive climate action, regenerate our ecosystems and transition to a circular economy

People – Enabling communities to thrive as they go through structural change and transition, ensuring wellbeing for current and future generations

Prosperity – Measuring infrastructure’s socioeconomic value so that we can better deliver inclusive, resilient, and sustainable livelihoods and economies

Industry – Collaborating to build a world-class industry with a healthy, inclusive workforce, responsible agile supply chain, and sustainable and aligned investment and governance.

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