Highlights from Sustainable Procurement Event on 7th March - ISCouncil

Highlights from Sustainable Procurement Event on 7th March

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Highlights from Sustainable Procurement Event on 7th March

Brisbane stakeholders were treated to a knowledge sharing and best practice seminar on Sustainable Procurement at John Holland’s QLD HQ last week. It was a morning of insights and healthy discussion around sustainable procurement I the infrastructure industry and the implications of the modern slavery act co-hosted by Queensland Government Department of Environment and Science (DES).

Collin Matthews (Regional Manager – John Holland) opened the morning, giving attendees an update on John Holland projects, their vision of the future, and outlined the organisation’s sustainable procurement commitments. Collin described the great work John Holland are doing around social enterprise; and gave examples of how they engaged with refugees during the Melbourne Tunnel Project, and supported the employment of people with disabilities at North Link WA.

Kimberley Dripps (Assistant Director-General and Chief Advisor, Queensland Government Procurement) engaged attendees with an insight into Queensland procurement and current sustainability strategies in place.

After this, Jean-Louis Haie (Director – Action Sustainability Asia Pacific) detailed the ISO 20400, and how it can benefit the sector to improve sustainability.

Antony Sprigg (CEO – ISCA) provided an update on Queensland’s forecasted infrastructure – of which there will be a $22bn investment in over the next three years. He then outlined which materials carry a high risk of modern slavery in the supply chain, and finally he profiled the Northern Connector Road project in SA as an example of positive procurement.

Monique Cornish (Principal Advisor – Tonkin + Taylor, ISCA Board Director) followed on from Antony with an overview on how sustainable procurement will be represented in ISv2.0, and gave a summary of the credits involved.

Robin Mellon (CEO – Supply Chain Sustainability School) delivered his expertise into how to engage supply chains using supply chain education.

The final speaker before the Q+A session was Mark Daniels (Executive Director – Social Traders). Mark explained social procurement, defined which type of organisations could be described as a ‘social enterprise’, and showcased Social Traders’ new service offering.

Overall this was a focused and enlightening morning, which facilitated fantastic interactions between attendees and presenters.

To learn more, or to download the slides from the morning, please click here. If you have any questions for any of our speakers, please get in touch with ISCA, and we can connect you.

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