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IS Operations, there’s nothing like it!

Monday, 22 May 2017

IS Operations, there’s nothing like it!

ISCA celebrated the release of IS Operations in February and March this year at six events across Australia and New Zealand. We were overwhelmed by the support by our members and stakeholders at these events. We would like to give our thanks and appreciation to Transurban, Jacobs, Main Roads WA, Tonkin & Taylor and BECA for hosting the events, and to the guest speakers from each of these organisations as well as from Auckland Airport for sharing their experiences with sustainability integration and the IS rating scheme.

Development of IS Operations began in August 2015 and evolved into its current state through iterative and collaborative engagement with ISCA Members, the wider industry and IS Operations Pilot ratings. Feedback, challenges and aspirations were transformed into new and innovative ways of measuring and benchmarking sustainability in existing infrastructure.

Yarra Park Water Recycling Facility (under the Melbourne Cricket Ground), Auckland Airport and Queensland Urban Utilities Beaudesert Sewerage Treatment Plant piloted the rating and in doing so gained a more holistic view of how their assets are managed and considerations for the future. These IS Operations pilot rating partners have told us that that benefits which can be realised through undertaking an IS Operations rating include:

  • improved risk management (climate change for example);
  • efficiency gains (energy, water, materials, waste management);
  • whole of life asset management planning; and
  • enhanced internal and external knowledge sharing and stakeholder relationships.

Our engagement process enabled us to identify, consider and align key drivers for infrastructure operations and maintenance with IS Operations. These drivers included:

  • Budget constraints including the limitations of contractual obligations and boundaries of control & influence.
  • The increasing importance of service provision into the future to plan for increasing populations and changes in utilisation within and into major cities.
  • The focus on stakeholder engagement from the ISO 55001 Asset Management Standard.
  • The asset maturity curve and various asset management forums, programs and associations (such as the International Infrastructure Management Manual, Global Forum on Maintenance & Asset Management, Asset Management Maturity Assessment Tool).
  • The integration of new assets into existing networks and asset management systems.

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