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IS v2.0 Is Coming

For everything you need to know about v2.0, please download theĀ ISv2.0 release information fact sheet.

ISv2.0 timeline

1st July ISv2.0 Planning and Design and As Built Technical Manual released.

June – July ISv2.0 launch events in capital cities around ANZ.

Have your say

ISv2.0 default weightings
Have your say on what the default weighting should be for each category for both the Design and As Built rating and the Planning rating. Take the Design and As Built survey and/or the Planning survey.

ISv2.0 rating award levels
Do you like the current rating award levels of Commended, Excellent and Leading? Vote on the new award levels for ISv2.0 or suggest another one. Vote here.

Industry review for ISv2.0 Leadership and Management
Industry review for the ISv2.0 Leadership and Management category is open.

Final feedback on developed ISv2.0 categories
It is your last chance to provide updates and edits to finalised ISv2.0 categories.

Will your project need to use ISv2.0?

All new projects that register for an IS rating from 1 July 2018 will register for ISv2.0, unless one of more or the following apply:

  • The project is under $20m in capital value,
  • The project is registering for an operations rating,
  • The project has received Planning Phase Support for ISv1.2,
  • There are ISv1.2 IS targets formalised in contractual requirements,
  • The project is part of program of works where ISv1.2 or ISv1.1 is currently deployed,
  • The project is already registered for ISv1.2.

Projects that meet one or more of the above exclusions will be given the choice to use ISv1.2. Refer to Will your project be registered for ISv2.0 decision flow chart.

If you have any questions about ISv2.0, please contact Nicole Boyd –

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