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  • Company Name Geofabrics Australasia
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Applicable Credits

IS v1.2 Inn-1 , Lan-2 , Mat-1 , Pro-2 , Was-2 , Was-3


Geofabrics® is at the forefront of green manufacturing with the launch of this eco-friendly geotextile solution for the civil, rail, construction and waste containment sectors. bidim® Green is a nonwoven geotextile designed to provide an effective and economic solution to a multitude of engineering applications. bidim® Green is manufactured locally in regional Australia with 100% Australian sourced recycled content whilst maintaining outstanding technical performance and versatility. All bidim® Green products are manufactured in Australia to ISO9001:2015 standards and supported by a rigorous MQA process. The bidim® Green range meets the requirements of Australian and New Zealand road and rail authorities.

bidim® Green geotextiles provide a superior solution to a range of engineering problems including weak soil, rutted and cracked roads and liquid and gas leaks from landfill sites. bidim® Green has excellent filtration, separation and cushioning properties and features a strong three-dimensional structure with high elongation. In addition, bidim® Green maintains a high melting point, and enhanced UV resistance. Furthermore by using bidim® Green in your project, you are contributing to “in-sourcing”; not only preserving and creating more jobs for Australia, but also reducing the dependency of Australian manufacturers on international supply chains which will become increasingly unstable during and post the COVID-19 crisis.

Sustainability Outcomes

Geofabrics is committed to contributing to a positive impact on the environment and to manufacture and supply products that reduce reliance on non-renewable resources and reduce waste to landfill. Bidim® has historically been manufactured with polymer sourced from offshore markets. This next generation geotextile – Bidim® Green is a product enhancement that will replace between 500 – 1,000 tonnes of offshore sourced polymer with Australian sourced recycled plastic. Bidim® Green is comprised of Australian recycled content Geotextile, 100% Recycled Wrap, and 100% Recycled Core. Increasingly, we are seeing Australian road, rail and infrastructure authorities providing instruction to maximize the level of recycled content used in projects; bidim® Green makes this aspiration a reality.

In addition bidim® Green can assist your project in achieving the following credits:
Version 1.2
Lan-2 (Conservation of on-site resources)
Mat-1 (material Life Cycle Impact measurement and Reduction)
Inn-1 (Innovation)
Was-2 (Diversion from Landfill), Was-3 ( Deconstruction / Disassembly / Adaptability)
Pro-2 ( Identification of Suppliers)
Version 2.0
Spr-1 (Risk and Opportunity Assessment and Procurement Strategy), Spr-2 (Supplier Assessment and Selection), Spr-3 (Contract and Supplier Management),
Inn-1 (Innovation),
Ecn-4 (Economic and Financial Sustainability),
Rso-4 (resource recovery), Rso-5 (Adaptability) and Rso-6 (material Life Cycle Impact measurement and Reduction)

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