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Applicable Credits

IS v1.2 Inn-1 , Lan-2 , Mat-1 , Pro-2 , Was-2 , Was-3


Geofabrics is committed to building a strong, sustainable future for Australia. Sealmac® Green nonwoven paving fabrics manufactured from continuous polyester fibre have been widely utilised in the maintenance and rehabilitation of pavement surfacing in both Australia and New Zealand.

Sealmac® Green provides an effective, inexpensive method of waterproofing and stress alleviation, preventing pavement cracking and extending pavement life. The pavement fabric range consists of a PF1 grade – suitable for spray seal and asphalt maintenance applications and a PF2 grade, for additional waterproofing and low volume special application roads.

Sealmac® Green paving fabrics will double the life of roads and pavements, reducing maintenance costs and minimising waste. Sealmac® Green is suitable for irregular formations and can withstand high temperatures. Sealmac® Green is simple and safe to install and are typically manufactured to the width of your pavement or road lane, dramatically reducing your installation costs and improving safety on site.

All Sealmac® Green products are manufactured in Australia to ISO9001:2015 standards and supported by a rigorous MQA process. Sealmac® Green is manufactured locally in regional Australia with Australian sourced recycled content whilst maintaining outstanding technical performance and versatility.

Sustainability Outcomes

Geofabrics is making a positive environmental impact by manufacturing and supplying products, such as Sealmac® Green that reduce reliance on non-renewable resources and reduce waste to landfill. Sealmac® has historically been manufactured with polymer sourced from offshore markets. Sealmac® Green is a product enhancement that replaces offshore sourced polymer with Australian sourced recycled plastics.

Sealmac® Green is 100% Australian made, from recycled polymer content – sourced locally. Increasingly, we are seeing Australian road authorities providing instruction to maximize the level of recycled content used in projects; Sealmac® Green makes this aspiration a reality.

In addition, Sealmac® Green can assist and contribute to your project in achieving the requirements for the following credits:
Version 1.2
Pro-2 (Identification of Suppliers)
Lan-2 (Conservation of on-site resources)
Mat-1 (Material Life Cycle Impact measurement and Reduction)
Inn-1 (Innovation)
Was-2 (Diversion from Landfill), Was-3 (Deconstruction / Disassembly / Adaptability)

Version 2.0
Spr-2 (Supplier Assessment and Selection), Spr-3 (Contract and Supplier Management),
Inn-1 (Innovation),
Ecn-4 (Economic and Financial Sustainability e.g. opportunities for utility assets),
Rso-4 (resource recovery), Rso-5 (Adaptability) and Rso-6 (material Life Cycle Impact measurement and Reduction)

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