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Edge has a strong track record in relation to green infrastructure and urban greening. Our projects range from developing green infrastructure plans in support of individual projects, through to working with councils to assess current tree cover and develop and deliver ambitious urban greening strategies.

Within the IS framework, we offer a range of green infrastructure and urban greening services, as well as providing wider ecological advice. This includes measuring, valuing, planning, monitoring of urban green infrastructure, and assisting clients in building the business case for green infrastructure. We are also a leading practitioner of i-Tree tools, which provide a repeatable, statistically rigorous, and readily applied approach to tree canopy cover modelling that can assist in ecological value scoring. Our expertise draws on a wide array of previous projects and one of the country’s leading ecologists, allowing us to deliver a high quality, cost-effective service.

Sustainability Outcomes

Increasing urban green infrastructure, particularly tree canopy cover, is a globally recognised way to improve the liveability of cities for people while creating a host of economic, environmental, and ecological (biodiversity) benefits. Infrastructure projects are no exception, offering a prime opportunity to develop and deliver urban greening outcomes.

Our green infrastructure and urban greening services are intended to support clients targeting credits within the Green Infrastructure category within ISv2.0 Gre-1, including completion of the related credit summary form. The piloting of the ISv2.0 Green Infrastructure category is also an Innovation Challenge under ISv1.2. For more information on what Innovation Challenges can offer your project, please visit the ISCA website.

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