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  • Product Type Asphalt and Bitumen
  • Regions Australia, Victoria



  • Company Name Fulton Hogan
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Not only is GripPhalt™ a good choice for the environment because of its high percentage of recycled and renewable material, its superior skid resistant properties also make it a safer alternative for high braking and problem traffic areas. With 15% – 20% improvement in skid resistance over standard asphalt mixes, GripPhalt is a safer alternative for high braking and high surface stress traffic areas. More importantly, GripPhalt’s skid resistance does not diminish over time like most natural aggregates do.

Sustainability Outcomes

GripPhalt includes a high percentage of recycled and renewable material. The steel slag used in GripPhalt is a by-product that commonly would end up as landfill. The artificial aggregate made from slag, is used as a direct replacement of the coarse aggregate component of the asphalt mix. When combined with the addition of Recycled Asphalt Product (RAP), the total recycled content of the mix can be 60% – 80% for dense graded asphalts, and 80% – 90% for stone mastic and open grade asphalt mixes.
GripPhalt mixes can also be manufactured using ‘warm asphalt technology’ to further reduce the amount of CO2 emissions produced in the manufacturing process.

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IS v1.2 Mat-1 , Pro-3

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