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  • Product Type Asphalt and Bitumen
  • Regions Australia, Victoria



  • Company Name Fulton Hogan
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Applicable Credits

IS v1.2 Mat-1 , Pro-2


PlastiPhalt® is an innovative, environmentally-friendly asphalt pavement containing recycled waste plastic. Unlike other asphalts modified with recycled plastics, PlastiPhalt® uses specially selected polymers which are fully incorporated into the binder to make a true polymer modified binder (PMB). The production of PlastiPhalt® diverts waste from landfill and reduces demand for the non-renewable resources used to produce standard asphalt pavements.

Sustainability Outcomes

PlastiPhalt® has been designed not only to achieve a durable, long-term asphalt pavement, but also to provide a beneficial reuse for waste plastic..The polymer used to produce PlastiPhalt® has been selected due to its compatibility with bitumen, its purity compared to other recycled plastic streams, and the need to provide a local beneficial reuse application for plastic that is currently landfilled or exported. The nature of the selected recycled polymer means that it can be completely dissolved in bitumen,
with no risk of micro-plastics stripping out of the pavement.

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