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EZ Street Bioblends®


  • Product Type Asphalt and Bitumen



  • Company Name Fulton Hogan
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Applicable Credits

IS v1.2 Ene-1 , Mat-1


EZ Street Bioblends® is a premium, polymer modified cold asphalt, for the permanent repair of pot holes, utility trenches, edge repairs, and is also ideal for the ramping of trip hazards on roads, footpaths, around man holes and utility service covers.

Sustainability Outcomes

EZ Street Bioblends® is our way of helping the environment and reducing our reliance on non-renewable resources. Using an Australian produced, canola derived bio-fuel, we have eliminated the need to use standard fossil fuel fluxing agents. This has resulted in a significant reduction in our carbon footprint for Australia’s bestselling, best performing cold asphalt. The new EZ Street Bioblends delivers enhanced workability, safer handling and superior performance, with much less impact on the environment. EZ Street Bioblends is another response by Fulton Hogan to environmental conservation and the challenges of climate change.

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