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Nation Partners exists to create exceptional solutions to complex social, environmental and business challenges, for a better future. We help organisations realise sustainable development opportunities and build climate resilience so they can thrive in the future. Our sustainable development services include: sustainable development integration into business strategies, application of sustainable rating tools and climate change resilience and mitigation advisory. We have significant experience in leading the integration of SDGs for the built environment, including through the provision of Infrastructure Sustainability Accredited Professionals (ISPs), Green Star Accredited Professionals (GSAPs) and the delivery of Global ESG Benchmark for Real Assets (GRESB) assessments.

IS Projects

  • City-Link Tulla Widening
  • High Capacity Metro Trains
  • Level Crossing Removal Project – Package 1 – Burke, North, McKinnon, Centre Roads
  • Level Crossing Removal Project – Package 2 – Blackburn, Heatherdale, Furlong, Main
  • Level Crossing Removal Project – Package 3 – Bayswater
  • Level Crossing Removal Project – Package 4 – Caulfield to Dandenong
  • Level Crossing Removal Project – North East Program Alliance – Hurstbridge Line Upgrade
  • Metro Tunnel Project
  • Melbourne Metro Tunnel Project – Early Works
  • Melbourne Metro Tunnel Project – Tunnels and Stations
  • Metro Tunnel Rail Systems Alliance
  • Victoria International Container Terminal
  • Webb Dock West Automotive Terminal – Design, As Built
  • Parramatta Light Rail
  • Sydney Metro
  • West Gate Tunnel Project.



Rob Turk
Senior Principal, Sustainability and Environment

m:  0408 162 955


Murray River at sunset - aerial view;
D M4M7 Star 2 West;
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