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Powerhouse Wind Ltd is a New Zealand-based company offering the PowerCrate®, a solar and wind based renewable energy solution supporting remote construction projects. Since its inception in 2007, Powerhouse Wind has championed an affordable wind option for rural New Zealand with the commercialisation of our very own, robust, single-bladed wind turbine. The Thinair™ 102 has been incorporated into our latest innovation PowerCrate® – a modular total energy solution harvesting renewable energy from both wind and sun.

PowerCrate® is a turnkey hybrid renewable energy solution with 6kW of rated solar and wind generation. With the 2kW wind turbine able to generate energy also during night and on overcast days, PowerCrate increases green energy security reducing the need to turn on diesel generators for base loads. With its sizeable Li-ion battery (28 to 56kWh) and hybrid energy harvesting, PowerCrate is ideal for any application using about 15-20kWh/day. All the generation, storage and delivery components are housed in a 20ft container frame deliverable by HIAB and other standard freight logistics services. Once on site, PowerCrate is deployed on flat ground in under 2 hours. It can remain permanently or, when the project is over, be packed up in 2 hours and taken on to the next site.

Powerhouse Wind is committed to providing robust green energy solutions for empowering business at the edge of grid and boosting rural energy resilience. Based in Dunedin, our team combines product design, engineering, and manufacturing experience with an applied outlook. We will continue to innovate the next generation of physics-driven, affordable, sustainable, and energy secure solution.