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The Business of Sustainability, Consult Australia

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Business of Sustainability, Consult Australia

ISCA industry partner, Consult Australia, with the support of leading consultancy Norman Disney & Young (NDY)—today released a landmark new tool to be used by the professional services industry to improve business sustainability”.

Consult Australia is Australia’s industry association representing consulting firms in the built and natural environment.

The Business of Sustainability initiative is focussed on helping to guide professional services businesses of all sizes and disciplines towards a more sustainable business through more efficient, smarter, more competitive and more profitable business operations. This initiative provides firms with a Decision Support Tool posing fundamental questions to developing a more sustainable professional services business. The Tool is provided to build capability within firms, and to guide strategic discussions, planning and decisions.

The Decision Support Tool is structured across four broad-based activity areas that, with guided conversations and strategic planning are designed to help a business become more sustainable. The four activity areas are as follows:

  • Sustainable governance, reporting and accounting;
  • Internal engagement and staff culture;
  • Collaboration and engagement;
  • Technological improvements to offices and infrastructure.

The Business of Sustainability also identifies some challenges common to firms navigating the business opportunities that come with a more sustainable business, and provides a range of best practice illustrations through industry case studies.

For more information see their website here

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