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Stratex specialises in environmental and personal protection solutions. Our mission is to solve problems through innovation, leveraging our expertise with advancements in technology, manufacturing and materials. This approach has shaped our evolution, and we partner with many of Australia’s leading construction organisations to develop, test and measure outcomes. One of our most popular sediment control solutions is the GuardDog Drain Filter. This mat fits over most stormwater drains to protect waterways from silt, sediment and hydrocarbons. The GuardDog uses absorbent media made from 100% recycled materials, stopping pollution and allowing clean water to pass through. The GuardDog has been used extensively on major construction projects in Victoria including the Monash Freeway Upgrade, Level Crossing Removals and West Gate Tunnel. It recently achieved verification by the Infrastructure Sustainability Council as an Australia-First Innovation for its use on the Monash Freeway Upgrade. The environmental landscape changes often, and so too does environmental compliance. Stratex offers comprehensive education programs for our clients, covering current legislation, duty of care obligations for business and individuals. We also provide best practice spill prevention and response training. Those keen to become more proactive in environmental compliance are encouraged to take advantage of Stratex’s Free Environmental Site Assessment. Our specialist team of Xperts can visit and examine your worksite for any hazardous goods storage, potential spill or exit risks. Upon completion we’ll provide you with customised analysis and offer recommendations to improve environmental compliance.