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Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) Leadership

Losee Consulting specialises in applying sustainability to large scale infrastructure, particularly transport, water and energy projects. Scott Losee was a founder of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) and has played a p...

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Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) Rating Project Management

Edge has been working with clients since the inception of ISCA to help integrate sustainability on infrastructure projects. Our award-winning team includes IS accredited professionals with a combined experience of over 20 years and is perfectly pl...

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Infrastructure Sustainability Advisory, IS Rating Management and Independent Auditor Services

WSP is one of the leading engineering professional services consulting firms, with a multi-sector sustainability team of over 50 sustainability professionals operating across Australia and New Zealand. We support our clients’ projects in the pre...

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Infrastructure Sustainability Leadership and Advisory

Sustainability advisory

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Initative Development and Economic Options Assessment

Edge offers specialist environmental economics expertise. Our projects range from economic analysis in support of individual infrastructure projects through appraisals covering entire companies and sectors and spanning infrastructure and property ...

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Iplex Pipelines

iplex Pipelines is the largest Australian owned and operated pipe and fittings manufacturing businesses in Australia with manufacturing and distribution capabilities in all States as well as New Zealand. We recognise the importance of water infras...

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IS Rating Project Management

Use our award winning, simple and cost effective management system to manage your IS Rating.

Organisations often say they want to be sustainable but have a hard time demonstrating it. Well what we do is support organisations to take an orde...

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Landscaping Services

Multhana Property Services provides professional civil & commercial landscaping solutions across South East Queensland. Our projects are skillfully constructed and carefully planned to suit the climate, location and use of the premises.

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Landscaping Services

HL Landscapes are experts in civil and commercial landscape construction throughout Australia. For over 45 years, we have been the leaders in large scale projects and provide our clients with the confidence and assurance that the job will be compl...

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LCA & EPD Development experts

start2see are the experts in life cycle assessment (LCA) for the building and construction sector in Australia. start2see’s founding director, Rob Rouwette, has been doing LCAs and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) since 1999. In the...

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Light Pollution Assessment

Pendoley Environmental is a small environmental consultancy with over 20 years experience specialising in the measurement, monitoring and modelling of artificial light pollution and it’s impacts on sensitive receptors. We strive for a high l...

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MagnumStone concrete retaining walls are a fully designed, engineered, tested and proven system. Our retaining blocks are wet cast, which provides stronger durability than dry-cast machine-made options, plus they’re hollow-core, which allows for...

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Materials Life Cycle Impact Assessment

Edge is one of Australia’s leading Life Cycle Assessment practitioners, with a team that includes several certified LCA professionals, led by the former president of the Australian Life Cycle Assessment Society (ALCAS). Our projects range from m...

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Megaflo® Green

Megaflo® Green is 100% Australian made with locally sourced recycled polymer. Megaflo® Green panel drain provides the dimensional stability and field-proven structural strength for quick, effective subsurface drainage. Megaflo® Green consists o...

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Modern Slavery and Human Rights Risk Assessment

Alongside our general infrastructure sustainability expertise, Edge also has vast experience in relation to modern slavery and human rights. Our projects range from analysing modern slavery risks for individual construction projects, through to he...


Natural Hazard and Climate Risk Assessment

Edge offers services within Natural Hazard and Climate Risk Assessment. Our projects range from climate change risk assessments in support of individual infrastructure projects, through to climate change policy development and climate risk communi...

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Non Destructive Digging

Patriot Environmental Management is on a mission to create zero waste sites in the construction and infrastructure industry. Our vision is to be a leading provider of environmental management solutions in Australia. We offer a range of services fr...

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Norton Clipper products

Fresh Start Australia, a Supply Nation and 100% Aboriginal owned business, has for many years supplied recruitment, labour hire, cultural training, facilities management and waste solutions to a number of Australia’s largest organisations.

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Permeable Paving

SurePave permeable paving panels are the ideal solution for reinforcing grass or gravel in highly stressed areas including vehicle parking areas, driveways, paths, golf courses, beach access ways, parks or hard stand areas for boats and caravans.<...

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PlastiPhalt® is an innovative, environmentally-friendly asphalt pavement containing recycled waste plastic. Unlike other asphalts modified with recycled plastics, PlastiPhalt® uses specially selected polymers which are fully incorporated into th...

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Platipus Earth Anchors

The Platipus® Percussion Driven Earth Anchor (PDEA®) is a unique, modern and versatile device that can be rapidly deployed in most displaceable ground conditions. It offers a lightweight corrosion resistant anchor that can be driven from ground ...

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Precast concrete panels

Kullcorp Precast is a start-up business that has patented a unique method of producing 40mPa precast concrete panels, whilst using up to 70% less cement than current methods. Kullcorp Precast panels feature a natural riverstone exposed aggregate f...

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Project Management, Project Development, Sustainable Infrastructure Specialists

Seed Engineering provides innovative, thoughtful and effective approaches, to managing highly complex, multi-modal transport infrastructure projects.

Seed offers your infrastructure project:
– On-demand, agile project management...

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RainSmart Stormwater System

The Rainsmart® modular tank system is suited for subsurface infiltration, retention and detention stormwater applications. The system is ideally suited for the construction of underground infiltration, retention, detention tanks, grass swale, sub...

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Reconophalt™: An innovative asphalt product that contains a combination of soft plastics, toner, recycled asphalt and glass

At Downer, our customers are at the heart of everything we do.

Our Purpose is to create and sustain the modern environment by building trusted relationships with our customers.

Our Promise is to work closely with our customers to hel...

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Reinforced Soil solutions (Duramesh/DuraGreen/DuraSlope)

The DuraMesh sytstm is a proven, engineered, reinforced soil system allowing MSE walls and slopes to be constructed up to 90° with different visual appearances from vegetated to rock faced.
The DuraMesh system consists of the DuraMesh facin...

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Resilience and Climate Change Risk Assessment

Arup has extensive experience undertaking climate change risk assessments for built assets, identifying risks and selecting treatments in collaboration with relevant stakeholders. Arup addresses the requirements of the Resilience (Res 1) credit th...

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Resilience and Climate Risk Assessment

Mott MacDonald are specialists in sustainable design, construction and management, addressing whole-life costs and environmental and social opportunities from a truly multidisciplinary standpoint. As an engineering, management and development cons...

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Resilience Planning

Edge has a strong track record of delivering projects in climate change risk, adaptation, and wider resilience. Our projects range from the development of resilience plans for individual infrastructure projects, through to the development of clima...



Our work is founded on a strong understanding of natural system ecology and an appreciation of the complex interactions and impacts that infrastructure and built form have on them. We use this scientific foundation to successfully deliver climate ...

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