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Hatelit Asphalt Reinforcement Grid


  • Product Type Asphalt and Bitumen
  • Regions New Zealand



  • Company Name HUESKER Australia
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Applicable Credits

IS v1.2 Ene-1 , Mat-1 , Pro-1 , Pro-2 , Pro-3
IS v2.0 Ene-2 , Rso-1 , Rso-4 , Rso-6


HaTelit C asphalt reinforcement adopts the high stresses developing at the crack tips in the lower pavement layers and distributes them over a larger area. Through this action the HaTelit C permanently counteracts reflective cracking. HaTelit C has been extensively used in road, airport runways, taxiways and motorways for many years both in New Zealand and around the world. The combination of the high modulus polyester and ultra thin nonwoven geotextiles provides a product that simplifies installation while still allowing excellent bond and interlock between the asphalt layers.

HaTelit XP is manufactured from polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and possesses all the familiar features of the HaTelit C range with the added benefit of being alkali resistant. This means the reinforcement grid can be installed in environments with a high pH, such as when in contact with concrete or stabilised layers and other high alkaline products, making this product particularly versatile in meeting diverse challenges.

HaTelit BL is a further development of the tried and tested HaTelit C asphalt reinforcement geogrids suitable for repairing small areas and individual cracks. Manufactured from high modulus polyester yarn laminated with a bitumen sheet the flexible, high tensile, self-adhesive geogrid contributes actively towards retardation of reflective cracking. In addition to the reinforcing action the HaTelit BL through its bonded bitumen backing also performs a sealing function and helps to relieve stresses. This prevents the infiltration of moisture into the lower asphalt layers while reducing stresses caused by temperature changes and traffic loadings.

Sustainability Outcomes

Ha Telit C significantly increases pavement performance in turn reducing repair and replacement cycles and the associated resources.

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