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Tektoseal Active engineered pollutant filters


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Tektoseal Active is a highly innovative product concept that sets new benchmarks in eco-efficient construction and environmental measures for groundwater protection and contaminated site remediation. The active geocomposite products are available in a variety of forms. Specifically for groundwater protection, we offer numerous barrier and filter variations for applications involving contaminated surface water and leachate. Tektoseal Active delivers a reliable geosynthetic decontamination solution in cases where it is not feasible to relocate the polluted material containing PFAS, VOC, TBT, PAH, PCB, oil, diesel, petrol, kerosene, Pb, U, Pu, Cd, Zn, Sr.

Sustainability Outcomes

The steadily growing requirements placed on contaminated site remediation and groundwater protection are fuelling the demand for new products and engineering solutions to support eco-friendly design and construction. Tektoseal Active can also be installed as an active capping to limit the release
of pollutants from contaminated sediments and to improve water quality. The products high mechanical stability and the uniform active layer thickness guarantee the formation of a reliable separating and filter layer. As a containment solution for industrial wastelands or contaminated groundwater and soils, Tektoseal Active acts as an adsorption agent. Being able to bind a wide range of contaminants, the Geo-Composites of the Tektoseal Active family can retard contaminant migration through groundwater and soil. The mechanical stability of the active layer allows rapid and straightforward installation of the product. The active layer is, at the same time, fully protected against any erosion caused by currents or slopes.

Studies confirm significant CO2 reduction through geosynthetics. Geosynthetics are high-quality and durable synthetic materials whose sustainability is proven.
The 2010 study “Sustainable Geosystems in Civil Engineering Applications” (WRAP) impressively demonstrates the significant savings potential in the use of geosynthetics on the basis of individual case studies. Compared to conventional construction methods, up to 89% CO2 emissions may be saved.

Innovative geotextiles can thus make a resource-efficient contribution to permanently reducing CO2 emissions in the construction industry.

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