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Member Spotlight | Grasshopper Environmental

About Grasshopper

Established in 1978, Grasshopper Environmental Pty Ltd have been providing professional, tailored and responsive Waste Management services and waste data reporting for over 4 decades across two major sectors in Sydney – Building & Demolition and Commercial & Industrial.

Our clients range from Tier 1 Construction and Government to Hospitality, Retail, Manufacturing, Medical & Industrial Premises with a portfolio consisting of partnerships across major projects such as Sydney Light Rail, Central Station upgrade, Sydenham Station, Hornsby Hospital and Sydney Zoo.

Green Star Accredited and a Proud Member of ISCA we are experts in providing solutions for Recycling & Resource Recovery and Waste Data Reporting, helping clients reach green credentials for their projects.

  1. What does sustainability mean to Grasshopper?

Sustainability for Grasshopper Environmental, goes beyond the literal definition of the word, that is to ensure a future where we are able to maintain today’s practices tomorrow. Our definition is to implement practices, take action and promote change today that will significantly transform the way we manage waste as a community now and well into the future.

Our practice of ethical waste management and 100% Environmental Compliance underpins our commitment to Environmental Sustainability. What this looks like is a business practice that never compromises the environment and enables others to do the same.

Recycling & Resource Recovery is at the heart of environmental sustainability for us and we facilitate this through our partnership with our clients and waste processing facilities to recover the maximum volume of recyclable material from waste disposed, with the aim to recycle and divert as much as possible from landfill.

Education is another important factor in achieving greater environmental sustainability. Our knowledge of the current waste situation, barriers to recycling, effective recycling practices and the benefits of responsible waste management is what we use to better educate our community and clients in order to promote mindfulness and action in regard to waste.

  1. Why did you become an ISCA member?

Grasshopper Environmental opted to become a member of ISCA to share and gain access to knowledge in the areas of sustainability.

Furthermore, Grasshopper Environmental has demonstrated capability and success in achieving high standards of resource recovery and diversion from landfill on a number of infrastructure projects across Sydney. ISCA membership will better assist in connecting with industry partners who are seeking to achieve green credentials for their projects.

Aligning ourselves with the peak body for sustainability outcomes in Australia will be instrumental for Grasshopper Environmental in achieving greater heights in best practice.

  1. How have you benefited from being part of the ISCA Community?

Grasshopper Environmental joined the ISCA Community in July 2019, although we are new to this community, we are looking forward to the growth opportunities ahead of us.

  1. What notable projects are you currently working on?

Our clients range from Tier 1 Construction and Government to Hospitality, Retail, Manufacturing, Medical & Industrial Premises.

Some of our current projects include:

  • The Northern Road, Stage 4
  • Sydney Light Rail
  • Early works for Parramatta Light Rail
  • Central Station Upgrade
  • The Langston, Epping – Commercial/ Residential Apartments
  • The Little National Hotel Sydney
  • North Shore Health Hub
  • Hornsby Hospital
  • Western Sydney Airport

5.       What does the future hold for Grasshopper?

By focusing our efforts on Environmental sustainability, our aim is to better contribute to a circular economy and a brighter future for Australia.

More information on Grasshopper here.

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