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Vital Bon-Matt HR is a water-based, heavy duty and robust polymer emulsion designed for high traffic unsealed roads and areas of high velocity concentrated flow. Vital Bon-Matt HR is a concentrated liquid polymer which is diluted with water prior to application to create highly effective long-term binding, stabilisation, surface sealing, dust abatement and ground control.

Trafficked Surface Dust Suppression Solutions:
When employed as a haul road stabilising agent, Vital Bon-Matt HR delivers heavy duty dust suppression technology to heavily trafficked, unsealed road surfaces requiring dust control and stabilisation. Vital Bon-Matt HR has been designed for use on all traffic areas and areas of harsh environmental conditions including haul roads, site access roads and hardstand and laydown areas. Vital Bon-Matt HR is an environmentally sound formulation providing a highly effective solution to road surface dust. Vital Bon-Matt HR is designed for use on areas requiring strong and durable conditions such as civil, construction, mining, port facilities and regional roads.

Robust Channel Stabilisation Solutions:
Vital Bon-Matt HR is a highly effective soil stabilising agent for concentrated high velocity flows. Specifically formulated for the most challenging velocities and flow over exposed drain and channel surfaces. Vital Bon-Matt HR is an environmentally sound solution, ideal for hydraulic lining applications as it binds the exposed surface, stabilising channels and drains resulting in clear water run-off from areas exposed to high velocity water flow.


• Highly effective dust abatement
• High wind speed resistance
• High volume traffic resistance
• Highly effective erosion control and stabilisation
• High velocity water flow resistant
• Long-term capping
• Cures within hours and will not remobilise
• A strong, durable and flexible veneer over the applied surface
• Environmentally sound product
• Inert degradation products
• High molecular weight polymers
• Australian owned and manufactured

Sustainability Outcomes

With a focus on green and sustainable industrial products, Vital Chemical specifically designed, Vital Bon-Matt HR road dust suppressant for civil, construction and mining industries. Meeting the challenge of frequent and costly road surface maintenance, Vital Bon-Matt HR will increase road surface longevity, facilitating project cost savings and overall environmental outcomes.

Utilising Vital Bon-Matt HR during construction and operations can result in considerable long-term cost savings via reduced water cart usage and subsequently less wear and tear, vehicle wash downs and fuel consumption. Vital Bon-Matt HR will significantly minimise the volume of water typically used for road stabilisation and dust suppression which may assist a project in achieving L1-3 in Wat-1 ISv1.2 and ISv2.0.

Providing an effective solution for the control of dust and other erodible surface emissions in areas of harsh environmental conditions and challenging velocities, Vital Bon-Matt HR cures within hours and will not remobilise. Offering immediate potential for reducing sediment discharge from sites to local receiving water as well as improved air quality, it may allow the opportunity to achieve L1-3 in ENV-1 and ENV-4 ISv2.0.

Using Vital Bon-Matt HR as a dust suppressant on site roads will aid in improved visibility therefore considerably increasing site safety conditions. The use of Vital Bon-Matt HR to stabilise unsealed roads, channels and drains during construction and operations contributes to sediment reduction and to functioning ecosystems and may be a factor in attaining L1-2 in ECO-1 ISv1.2 and associated ISv1.2 and ISv2.0 credits.

Applicable Credits

IS v1.2 Eco-1 , Wat-1

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