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Turbiclear is a high quality, environmentally sustainable, rapid acting coagulant for application to High Efficiency Sediment (HES) basins, traditional sediment basins, sewerage treatment plants, groundwater treatment and wash down bays. Turbiclear is an Aluminium Chlorohydrate-based product.

Fine colloidal clay particles washed from construction sites by excess water and stormwater runoff are known to carry significant environmental pollutants such as nutrients and pesticides to receiving water. Particles will remain in a suspension for long periods unless chemically modified by a clarifying agent to promote flocculation and settlement. This high strength industrial water treatment product works by neutralising the charge of these particles, allowing them to coagulate and then settle out of suspension.

Concentrated, high strength, low dosing required;
Cost effective in comparison to conventional methods;
Easy to apply liquid – no dust (un-like gypsum);
Can be automatically dosed via dosage system or manually administered;
Excellent treated water clarity;
Settles quickly;
Works over a wide pH range (6-9) without requiring correction;
Reduced alkalinity consumption with very little pH drop;
Significantly low aluminium residuals in the treated water;
Very low levels of trace elements;
Forms inert sludge, re-useable on site;
Non-Hazardous, Non-Dangerous Goods classified;
No sulphates;

Sustainability Outcomes

Turbiclear is 100% Australian made and is renowned in the industry for producing highly effective results while maintaining environmentally sustainable attributes. Aluminium compounds are common in most soils and are the principal components of Bauxite and Gibbsite, which are common, naturally occurring minerals. When diluted with high volumes of water, Turbiclear will hydrolyse rapidly to form aluminium hydroxide, which can be expected to become a part of the natural soil profile if not recovered.

When used as a water treatment during the construction of projects, Turbiclear can deliver an immediate reduction of sediment discharges into receiving water and may help toward achieving L1-3 in Env-1 and Dis-1.

Turbiclear contains minimal impurities and independent testing has indicated that it does not add heavy metals into treated water in contrast to other coagulants. This allows treated water to be reused on site, resulting in considerable cost and water savings. Whole Effluent Toxicity Testing carried out on Turbiclear treated water, concluded no toxic effect to aquatic organisms (refer to SDS). Turbiclear may significantly minimise the volume of water typically used on projects, which may assist in achieving L1-3 in Wat-1 ISv1.2 and ISv2.0.

Ensuring that treated water leaves the site with reduced sediment and nutrient loads. Turbiclear effectively reduces traces of E.coli, phosphorus and other nutrients. The deposited particles are systematically removed from the sediment basin and the sludge can potentially be applied to productive land as a soil ameliorant. This contribution to functioning ecosystems may be a factor in achieving L1-2 in ECO-1 ISv1.2 and associated ISv1.2 and ISv2.0 credits. Additionally, the ability to re-use site wastewater may assist projects in achieving credits in Wat-2 ISv1.2 and ISv2.0.

Applicable Credits

IS v1.2 Dis-1 , Eco-1 , Wat-1 , Wat-2

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