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Vital Flo-Chem Thick with Rust Guard


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Vital Flo-Chem Thick with Rust Guard is a low vapour emission, viscous, hydrochloric acid based cleaner designed to remove concrete residue and buildup whilst providing anti-corrosive protection to metal surfaces. Vital Flo-Chem Thick with Rust Guard can be used for cleaning external concrete agitator barrel surfaces, cement mixers, front end loaders, concrete pumping equipment, shotcrete equipment and pneumatic tankers (fly ash).

Vital Flo-Chem Thick with Rust Guard is an environmentally sustainable and cost-effective alternative to outdated concrete cleaning chemicals such as Hydrochloric Acid or other low pH alternatives chemicals. The low acid concentration and viscous gel-like consistency adheres to surfaces and significantly reduces run-off and splashing during concrete cleaning operations. This therefore reduces potential acid splash risks to the user and mobility into the environment, resulting in cost effective, time efficient cleaning without the detrimental environmental effects associated with traditional fluid hydrochloric acid solutions.

Effectively removes concrete;
Effectively removes cement dust stains and build-up;
Contains low concentrations of acids;
Contains a built-in rust inhibitor for metal surface protection and equipment longevity;
Viscous consistency ensures active working surface with the low acid content and resultant reduced wastage and splashing;
Viscous formulation clings to surfaces with little run off and wastage;
Easy to use;
Safer than traditional hydrochloric acid solutions;
More cost effective than hydrochloric acid alone;
Reduced hydrochloric acid vapour emission (55% less);
Reduced water requirements for cleaning
No requirements for chemical disposal or land fill.

Sustainability Outcomes

The sustainability of Vital Flo-Chem Thick with Rust Guard is a consequence of the low active strength acids (<17% active hydrochloric acid strength) contained in the viscous formulation and how they react with concrete upon the affected surface. These features together with how the product is diluted with water during washing, neutralized and able to be recycled into closed water treatment and recycled water systems at concrete plants, provides increased water conservation and resultant ease of neutralization of wash waste waters which may allow projects to achieve credits in Wat-2 in ISV2.0.

When used for concrete cleaning, the gel texture allows the product to adhere to surfaces for an extended period, thus significantly minimising the volume of water typically used to clean concrete affected surfaces. As a result, less water is required to dilute, neutralize and wash away the product as compared to traditional diluted acid solutions of 33% active strength. The reduced acid concentrations in the product componentry, achieves an active working surface where the chemical reaction between the concrete and Vital Flo-Chem Thick with Rust Guard is sustained, rather than running off the surface without effect. Using Vital Flo-Chem Thick with Rust Guard can lead to reducing the water footprint throughout various phases of the infrastructure project and may assist in achieving Wat-1 in ISV1.2 and ISV2.0.

Other components of the product should not pose any environmental impacts and are readily diluted and recycled into concrete slurries via channeling into the recycled water treatment ponds of concrete plants. These waste waters containing the diluted Vital Flo-Chem Thick with Rust Guard, are 100% recycled into the finished concrete product. This resource recovery of diluted waste waters eliminates requirements for chemical waste disposal and when used in your project Resource Efficiency Action Plan, may assist in achieving RSO-4 in ISV 2.0.

The corrosion inhibitors contained in Vital Flo-Chem Thick with Rust Guard protect the metal surface and reduce corrosion. This results in longevity and sustainability of equipment, rather than the disposal of corroded and resultant non-recyclable metal equipment which would otherwise culminate in landfill and wasted resource outputs. This encourages resource efficiency and may assist in achieving credits in RSO-1 in ISV 2.0. (refer to SDS)

Applicable Credits

IS v1.2 Wat-1

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