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Vital Bon-Matt P47-VR1


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  • Company Name Vital Chemical / Vital Environment
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Applicable Credits

IS v1.2 Dis-1 , Dis-4 , Eco-1 , Ene-2 , Wat-1


Vital Bon-Matt P47-VR1 is an environmentally and economically sustainable solution in comparison to conventional methods of erosion control and dust suppression. Vital Bon-Matt P47-VR1 is a polymer-based stabiliser, designed for applications over soil and other open surfaces where durable and flexible surface conditions are required to abate surface erosion. A concentrated liquid formulation, Vital Bon-Matt P47-VR1 is diluted with water prior to application to create surface binding and sealing, reducing dust emissions during extreme wind and resisting mobilisation during rainfall events.

Vital Chemical’s renowned polymer technology provides an environmentally safe ground cover and instant stabilisation in a wide range of applications on non-trafficked surfaces and areas of soil erosion including:

• Civil earthworks;
• Construction sites;
• Non-trafficked areas;
• Sub-grade stabilisation;
• Areas of exposed soil, sand or aggregate;
• Broadacre;
• Stockpiles;
• Sloping areas.

• Efficient when applied over seed or combined with seed;
• Increases moisture retention and reduced weed;
• Biodegradable, environmentally safe, non-hazardous product;
• Highly effective dust suppressant;
• High wind speed resistance;
• Highly effective erosion control and stabilisation;
• Can be applied using non-specialised application equipment;
• Australian owned and manufactured.

Sustainability Outcomes

Utilising Vital Bon-Matt P47-VR1 (P47) during infrastructure development can result in considerable cost and water savings via decreased surface maintenance, lower demand for machinery and subsequently less wear and tear and equipment wash downs. P47 can significantly minimise the volume of water typically used during construction for erosion control and dust suppression on stockpiles. The use of P47 may contribute in achieving credits L1-3 in Wat-1 ISv1.2 and ISv2.0.

Providing soil stabilisation and control of challenging dust and other erodible surface emissions in areas of harsh environmental conditions, P47 cures within hours and will not remobilise. Offering immediate potential for reducing sediment discharges to receiving water and improved air quality, it may allow the opportunity to achieve L1-3 in ENV-1 and ENV-4 ISv2.0 and DIS-1 and DIS-4 in ISv1.2. The use of Vital products may contribute towards credits in the Energy & Carbon category ENE-1 and ENE-3 as P47 is rapidly applied to large areas, providing effective stabilisation with minimal carbon footprint. Compared to other traditional approaches, incorporating Vital products will be an easy transition and the cost/energy/waste savings can be easily calculated based on current product use.

P47 is an inert and non-hazardous formulation that is quick and easy to apply whilst providing effective cover factor.* P47 has undergone extensive environmental and toxicity assessments safeguarding the health and safety of workers, nearby residents, waterways and aquatic life. The use of P47 to for dust suppression and to stabilise soil erosion during construction and operations, contributes to functioning ecosystems and may be a factor in attaining L1-2 in ECO-1 ISv1.2 and associated ISv1.2 and ISv2.0 credits.

Under Governance, if no stabilisation methodology is included in the base case proposal you could provide supporting evidence for credits within the Sustainable Procurement category SPR-1 and SPR-2 in ISv2.0. Vital products are made in Australia from sustainably sourced materials and our supply chain aligns with Vital Chemical’s Modern Slavery Statement. There is also potential to claim points under the Leadership and Management category LEA-1 in ISv2.0 by exceeding “standard management practices” depending on the base case submission.

*Data referenced from “Assessment of Soil Stabilisation Compound – Final Report”, June 2013, SEEC & Landloch
Environmental Reports can be supplied upon request.

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