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VE Gro-Matt Hydromulch


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VE Gro-Matt is a 100% Australian made and owned bonded wood fibre matrix product, specifically designed for all revegetation, rehabilitation, erosion control, nutrient soil repair and soil amelioration projects. VE Gro-Matt comprises heat treated wood fibres sustainably sourced from 100% Australian waste timbers. When employed in combination with Vital Chemical’s nutrient infused Vital Bon-Matt products as tackifiers, the VE Gro-Matt bonded fibre matrix (BFM) creates an immediate, evenly distributed ground cover. VE Gro-Matt delivers rapid seed germination for instant mitigation of erosion and creates a sustainable ecosystem. The result is the delivery of a premium nutrient composition in combination with unique water holding capabilities, thus reducing site water consumption. This moisture holding capacity aids in locking in the seed during watering and rainfall events and enhances germination providing the ideal environment for sustainable growth medium.

Superior hydromulch and spray grass solution;
Highly effective revegetation and rehabilitation solution;
Premium stabilisation and erosion control;
Heat treated wood fibres provide increased water holding capacity for efficient water reduction;
Bio-contaminant free;
Even ground coverage;
Rapid application and reduced labour time;
Increase strike and establishment;
Soil ameliorant;
Soil repair capabilities.

Sustainability Outcomes

VE Gro-Matt offers unique features which provide quality results. The heat treated wood fibres comprising VE Gro-Matt are 100% sustainably sourced from Australian waste timbers. Using VE Gro-Matt as a revegetation and erosion control agent to significantly reduce water consumption on your project may contribute to you achieving L1-3 in Wat-1 ISv1.2 and L1 or upwards on the sliding scale in Wat-1 ISv2.0. Whether used on cleared land at the end of a construction project or during mine site rehabilitation, VE Gro-Matt is an effective and sustainable revegetation and rehabilitation solution. VE Gro-Matt can be applied to otherwise inaccessible areas and provides faster vegetation growth than traditional seeding methods. Utilising VE Gro-Matt as an element in your green infrastructure plan, can provide environmental benefits and may help the project achieve sustainability targets of L1 in GRE-1 ISv2.0. Additionally, VE Gro-Matt is a best practice erosion and sediment control solution and when used on projects to reduce impacts to receiving water, it may allow the opportunity to achieve L1-3 in Env-1 ISv2.0 and associated ISv1.2 and ISv2.0 credits.

Applicable Credits

IS v1.2 Dis-1 , Eco-1 , Eco-2 , Wat-1

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